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US Hegemony: America Will Stop at Nothing. The Role of Europe in “Saving the Earth”

By Dr. Sergey Tsygankov

Global Research, April 25, 2019



Give the American a ton of dynamite and a mountain of rock and he is happy” [1].

For many millennia for Humanity, the Earth was almost infinite, and its depths were bottomless. The situation has changed since the mid-20th century, when, due to the processes of globalization of socio-economic life and the scientific and technological revolution, which multiplied many times all the possibilities of mankind, the pressure on the planet increased dramatically.

It became clear to some scientists and politicians that the Earth is a limited object. The work carried out on the order of the Club of Rome in the late 60s of the last century clearly showed “that if growth continued unabated at the present pace, shrinking resources and heavy pollution would lead to an ultimate collapse of world systems” [2]. It is necessary to limit the growth, the rejection of spontaneous self-development. A program of comprehensive measures was developed to strengthen supranational global regulation. However, these works did not receive adequate support and were not implemented. As a result, 50 years later, we see that the calculations were justified, and the world approached a global catastrophe. And it turned out not only in the impoverishment of natural resources and ecology.

The dynamics of changes in the stability of the Earth, of all its geospheres (from the earth’s core to the magnetosphere) definitely shows that in many ways they have reached, and in some have passed, the limit values for normal life support. [3]. Variations of physical fields in them can destroy humanity. The same applies to the resource base of the planet, biodiversity, environmental, economic, social and military-political problems. This is evidenced by an objective analysis of monitoring data and the increasing number, power, economic and human losses from natural-man-made accidents and disasters, including military conflicts. You can directly say that the spaceship “Planet Earth” is suffering an accident!

Then, in the 60s, the term “golden billion” arose, or rather received a new sound, from residents of those countries that will continue to live according to the old paradigm of unlimited consumption and robbery of others. It was assumed that it will include citizens of the United States, Western Europe, and some other countries. The others of the inhabitants of the planet were given quotas for life.

To reduce the negative effects of anthropogenic impact, several concepts of the coexistence of human civilization and Nature, in particular, sustainable development, were proposed. Various UN environmental decisions, the Montreal, Kyoto, Paris Protocols were taken, summits in Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg and other events were held. However, the problems that were set for them turned out to be unfulfilled, primarily because of the difference in interests of different states and the lack of a real goal – to save the earth for this and future generations. As a result of active inaction, the world came close to a planetary apocalypse.

Awareness of this fact led to a change in US foreign policy. Now we can talk only about the “golden half billion” of the “lucky ones”, about the United States alone. For this, hegemony of only one country becomes necessary.

After the collapse of the USSR, there was a profound change in the nature of traditional American imperialism, and it chose the path of self-destructive riot, setting as his goal the conquest of world domination and imagining itself a new Roman empire. … The United States is no longer the leader of the free world, but the ruler, “gendarme” of all countries and peoples “[4].

At the same time, wars became necessary tools for America to carry out this program. On the large experience accumulated over decades (from Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, etc. to Ukraine), it is clearly seen where there is war, there is America, where is America, there is war. All the moral and ethical norms have been dropped completely by the US government. Defending the “holy principles of freedom and democracy”, they behave like the crudest barbarians, destroying states with a thousand-year history.

To unleash conflicts, the US Government uses the ancient “divide and conquer” principle used by the Roman Senate; with the help of the established technologies, the organizations of “color revolutions” they divided stable multinational or multi-religious states into components. Then they confront them, using nationalist and criminal organizations as allies and instigators of provocations, financing and directing their activities.

The algorithm of creating such a conflict, we can see very well in Ukraine. At the first stage, there were the sabotage operation “Maidan” (Kiev); change of the legitimate President, the beginning of the division of the country and the war.

The second stage – the operation “Crimea”, as a result of which, having abolished the Russian language as a state language in Ukraine, they created an inter-ethnic confrontation between the Crimea, mainly Russian-speaking and Ukraine.

After the victory of Maidan in Kiev, professional saboteurs who did their job began to move toward the Crimea, war was brewing. The referendum and the entry of the Crimea into Russia, which saved the peninsula from bloodshed, made Russia the world’s No. 1 aggressor.

The third stage – the operation “Novorossiya” (Donetsk and Lugansk regions); the division of Ukraine is finished, the image of Russia as an enemy has been finally established.

The Impending Dangers of a Global Conflict: How to Prevent World War III

The fourth stage – a full-scale war in Ukraine with the transition to the fifth stage – the war on the entire European continent is ahead. And these wars for “maintaining Ukrainian democracy” (Obama) at the fourth stage and “stopping the world aggressor of Russia” at the fifth, as usual will be waged by proxy: “We will fight with Russia until the last Ukrainian” (from the American press).

The fact that America will stop at nothing, and that it is not interested in the fate of their NATO allies, is already understood in the West: “However, unfortunately, the US seems to be going to deal withPutin to the latestEuropean” (Karl Sevelda, Chief Executive Officerof  “Raiffeisenbank International” RBI). Europe is becoming a proving ground for military operations against Russia. Now, according to this scenario, events are unfolding in Venezuela. The plans of America to deploy hostilities in the countries of South America. And already the President of Brazil speaks about the possibility of invasion of Venezuela.

The USA has no friends, only vassals. Those countries that are trying to defend their own interests, become enemies.

Around the world, we face rogue regimes, terrorist groups, and rivals like China and Russia that challenge our interests, our economy, and our values.”(Trump, speech before the congress “On the situation of the country” [RBC January 31, 18]). If now someone in Europe, Asia or Latin America rely on America, then this is their biggest mistake, for which they will have to pay dearly.

Previously, the country, having declared war, started fighting itself. Now America, having declared war to the whole world itself, does not participate in military operations, sowing death everywhere. This led to the fact that according to international polls, the United States is perceived by the peoples of the whole world as the greatest threat to the world [5].

Obviously, there can be no winners in this war. America cannot defeat the whole world. In the end, this policy is detrimental to the United States itself. But the main thing – probably the most important player is entering the arena of the struggle for existence: Planet Earth. As said the cosmonautics founder K.E. Tsiolkovsky: “Humanity is spoiled by the tranquility of nature.”

In addition, civilization has changed the planet, brought it out of the “normal functioning” mode, activated intra-earth processes, accompanied by sudden movements of vast masses of earth, water, air. These are only the first forerunners of yet invisible future catastrophes, in particular, the inversion of the geomagnetic field, capable of destroying humanity, or in the best case for us to transfer civilization to the agrarian level [6,7].

Prevent, reduce the power of impact and eliminate the consequences of these processes is not within the power of any country in the world. It is obvious that only all states together can resist global catastrophes. Only a common idea that affects the interests of all earthlings can truly unite people. Such an idea could be – the salvation and preservation of the planet Earth from a brewing apocalypse – a global natural and man-made disaster.

As for America, there are two ways of development in front of it: constructive – considering its large economic, scientific and technical potential to rally countries around itself, to deploy planetary work to ensure the security of the Earth and earthlings, and destructive,  to continue the current policy of waging war all over the world, causing death on Earth.

Let me remind you of the ideas of the great American, economist, scientist and practician Harrington Emerson, expressed by him in his work “The twelve principles of efficiency”.  [1] (105 years from the date of publication):

Since life began on our planet there have always been two types of organization, types that Mr. F. W. Taylor characterizes as functional and as military. The former is an organization to build up, the latter an organization to destroy.  Primitive business was so closely allied to raids, filibustering, buccaneering, slave trading (not to omit our own American Madagascar trade (as now with Russia S.Ts) that it was inevitable that the military type should be extended to business organization the world over a type now known to be utterly unfitted to modern business conceptions and ideals”.

As was formerly the case in this shop, “the immediate” has been mercilessly held up to every one connected with American work.  …. The immediate obscured the future”. “The American, from presidents of the United States or of great corporations down to cubs in office or shop, in spite of his natural motherwit, finds himself struggling against quicksands of tradition, whirlpools of immediate necessity, fogs of current practice, of near common sense…”

It is because I have an abiding faith in the destiny both of my country and its inhabitants that I urge the application to its affairs of efficiency principles. That its people have in the past abundantly made use of a high order of near common sense justifies the belief that in the future it will surpass other nations in the use of supernal common sense. Let us therefore grasp the difference between the two, and, having grasped it, let us wake up to some of the obvious present stumbling blocks in our national, corporate and individual paths.”

I would very much like to hope that America in its policy will be based on the common sense of a higher order, but unfortunately, as we see, Trump’s policy is a «lower-order common sense”, leading the world to ruin, in pursuit of “immediate” benefit. To prevent this, it is necessary to create opposition to the destructive US policy. Most of all, America is afraid of the unification of countries, in particular Russia and Belarus, which is increasing resistance to American expansion. But the greatest fear of the United States is the project of unification of Europe and Russia (the formation of Eurosibir, the axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow [4]). In this case, the planet, like a chair, gets a second “leg”, and considering the growing power of China (the third “leg”), the world (“chair”) will become sustainable.

I would like to hope that the leaders of European countries will realize their enormous role in saving the planet, stop being American landsknechts, fighting against themselves, will get rid of the imposed image of Russia as the enemy. Only by uniting with Russia, Europe will regain its former historical, world significance. This is understood by many European businessmen: «Europe from the start I have to go on the way of integration with Russia. Even if this utopia was to sail on the originally chosen path, according to which Russia is part of Europe and may eventually become part of the EU» Carl Sevelda (RBI).

However, all this does not ensure the fulfillment of the main, at this stage, problem of mankind – the preservation and salvation of the Earth. To solve it, the author’s proposed a model or image that is closest to reality – the Earth is a natural man-made spacecraft, the safety of which is obliged to ensure Humanity.

The experience of piloting on the created space ships and stations in the conditions of existence, that are much heavier than on earth shows that this is possible. During this time, many practical (scientific, technical, psychological and other) developments have been created that can be used to provide security on the planet. The economic part of the Project, which at first glance seems costly, can produce enormous profits through the development and introduction of new technologies, the creation of industries from pollutants selected from the atmosphere and hydrosphere based on new chemistry, the use of new sources of electricity, etc.

A huge amount of work on the Project will give tens of millions of jobs. Scientific support of the Security Project, determined by the stability of processes occurring in different geospheres, should be ensured by the development of the Unified Geodynamic Model of the Earth.

On the similarity of the norms and rules of behavior at space stations, it is necessary to offer mankind a “Code of life of our civilization”, where the basic rights and duties of every inhabitant of planet Earth would be clearly define, where any manifestations of fascism, military extremism would be strictly suppressed, everyone’s right would be guaranteed a person for a happy life, work and creativity, and peoples for self-determination. We must put this problem before the UN. To develop the Security Concept for the Planet Earth spacecraft, to approve it by all states, creating instead of the UN, the Planet Control Center (PCO), headed by the Council of the Elders of the Earth.


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Dr. Sergey Tsygankov, Ph.D is a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.


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